Deborah Tchoudjinoff is an artist and designer whose practice and methodology adds to the uncomfortable and sometimes dark conversations that are part of understanding human and landscape relationships, Deborah aims to push the boundaries of the viewer’s imagination; to create imagined worlds and narratives that communicate anxieties around the changing conditions of the ‘human-landscape’. In Psychoterratica she has designed sculptural machines and contraptions that play with image, light, movement and materiality to make the psychoterratic and anthropocene tangible. She uses mixed media, and different technological formats to keep the experimental approach. Deborah has lived and worked in many different countries, which reinforces her steadfast belief that there is only this Earth for generations following.


Pscyhoterratica, 2016
Dreams of a Nature Machine, 2015
Patent Archive: Forwards-Backwards, 2015
Beneath The Surface, 2015